Release notes

V4.7.8 – Released on July 13,2022

  1. NEW: Option to add ledger discount on view contact details page 
  2. NEW: Second unit added to add/edit product also option to add quantity in second unit added to purchase/sell (Need to enable it from Business settings > Products) 
  3. NEW: Currency precision and quantity precision moved from config to business settings 
  4. NEW: Added option to download PDF for Purchase Order
  5. NEW: Added notification option in purchase order
  6. NEW: Previous unit price added to the product line of sell and purchase
  7. NEW: Search option added to account book and cash flow
  8. NEW: Export all products in excel format, with complete details
  9. NEW: Product sold details table added to cash register modal
  10. NEW: Cash denomination option in add/edit sale purchase screen
  11. Improvement: Row color change for alert quantity added to stock report
  12. Improvement: Location filter added to dashboard stock alert table
  13. Improvement: Removed stock check for draft and quotation
  14. Improvement: Subcategory added to list expenses
  15. Improvement: Total items added to invoice
  16. Improvement: Category and custom fields columns added to stock report
  17. Improvement: Contact name and business name added product stock history
  18. Improvement: Contact filter in tax report
  19. FIX: Pay term with pos sale issue fixed
  20. FIX: Update variable product with too many variations issue fixed
  21. FIX: Dropzone issue on import purchase product fixed
  22. FIX: Ledger location filter issue fixed
  23. FIX: Sales order line not getting added while stock is zero issue fixed
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